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meet the flamingo

Priyanka Agarwal, founder of Flamingo Digital Co. is a branding specialist, design strategist & an educator with core expertise in graphic design and creative marketing strategies for high impact brand growth and escalation.

Flamingo Digital Cospecialises in designing brands online and creating smooth digital homes and stores; offering high impact advertising strategies that 10x your income in no time.  

Priyanka's mission with her company is to empower 100k+ people in the next five years to make a similar journey of becoming the highest version of themselves, whether it means becoming a confident online business owner, or a badass parent who balances family and career like a power packed ninja, or a college graduate who earlier said no to a high-paying job only to create a business of his/her dreams and much more.

I have worked with 327 clients from all around the world turning their ideas into stunning visual identities and functional, strategic and gorgeous online homes through my visual design expertise, proven frameworks and value services that deliver scaleable high-impact results!

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