Learn how to Build a Brand
                           WITHOUT a Designer

Design Domination is a 10-month mastermind coaching program that gives you a detailed roadmap of how to be a successful Digital Designer generating six-figure revenue consistently.


This program incorporates guided training, virtual events, resources and tools, step-by-step- coaching, and consistent support which is imperative to achieve higher profits in your business OR to even create a new business that starts your high income journey swiftly and rapidly.


This program is designed to ensure that you

  • Learn high paying, one of the most paid for, marketable skills in the world

  • Learn the exact skill set that enables you to multiply your income along various verticals

  • Are able to use your expertise in various domains

  • Are able to offer multiple services, become a one-stop-shop for your clients

  • And most importantly,


And most importantly,

  • Develop a network of trusted relationships with the right clients, learn how to convert prospects into promised clients and make them keep coming back to you year after year.


The Operating System for the 21st-century Designpreneur

With ten years of working as a freelancer for clients all around the world and three years of coaching school, college and post graduate students; I can vouch that if you are consistent, and disciplined in your pursuit, you will be able to make the income of your dreams in way less time than I did. 


My style of teaching is very interactive, intuitive, participatory and encouraging with a balance of rigorous academic practice and creative play.

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is for you if...

  • You are a creative individual, interested in graphic & web design, branding & social media management and looking  to scale up in 2023.

  • You want to create an organic content machine with image & video at its core.

  • You wish to sell high-ticket offers and bag high paying clients continually.

  • You want to be paid for your services that leverage your time and create more impact.

  • You have the desire to create your own community and a loyal audience. 

You will learn HOW TO

  • Get quality clients by building your own individual brand!
    YES! A brand that does phenomenally well in the digital space, and makes your services most sought after in the online marketplace.


  • Design & Deliver everything your client needs to run a successful business online. Be it creating a mood board or structuring a brand's guidelines, creating a unique logo or a website and sales pages. From designing social media creatives to print & editorial design, you will KNOW-IT-ALL!

  • Reach your income goals faster by running supplemental paid ads on top of your organic content without worrying about your ROAS

  • Set up systems and processes and WITHOUT a designer to automate your business and profits initially.

How it works?

Content + Coaching

Accountability + Community

Tools, Resources & Support

Become extremely protective of yourself, your time, and energy.

Tell a
brand’s story with clear messaging for digital or print, so your work cuts through the noise and stands out.

Learn the detailed roadmap of becoming a great graphic designer everyone wants to hire. Get to say 'no' to people who don't resonate with your vibe. Convert browsers into buyers, work along various verticals of graphic design and offer one-stop-solutions to your customers.

What Students Say..


Priyanka ma'am is a very caring and amicable teacher who has managed to further my interest in the field of graphic design. She is passionate about what she teaches and has shown genuine interest in helping her students to the best of her ability. Apart from teaching effectively, she allows the class to explore and express their own ideas without fear as well as gives gentle and constant feedback to encourage us. Her enthusiasm and engagement has motivated us to become more attentive and active.


Getting mentored by Priyanka ma’am was one of the best experience. It’s not an experience that you can expect from every faculty who has mentored you.  She is fun and at the same time very professional about her teaching. She is very enthusiastic and has always encouraged me to expand my horizon of limitations and explore more of the creative universe. She has a very keen eye for details and it’s only because of her that now I am confident enough with my designs and presentation style. Be it an issue related to academics or personal problems, she has always been all ears and always came up with the best solution to help us through our assignments and personal ups and downs.

Why Learn from ME? 

I scaled my income from $45 a month to $12000 a month in 8 years. It took me a  very, very long time to narrow down my niche, identify my strengths, show up in the right marketplace at the right time, only work with the right high-ticket clients who value my services, learn to say ‘NO’ more than I say yes (very essential for someone like me who really struggles to say no to anybody!)


And now, with all my trials and tribulations, long nights and spilling work hours, I have carved out a path that can help you do the same thing in much less time ONLY IF you follow the exact roadmap presented to you.


For someone who has always felt deeply about coaching and mentoring, who believes teaching is the most noble job in the world - I can vouch for it that if you are consistent, and disciplined in your pursuit, you will be able to make the income of your dreams in way less time than I did.

Join Design Domination Now

We ONLY have 17 spots available for this batch and we’re giving $500 off to the members who apply and get in before 31st December!

So, if you want to learn how you can be a highly efficient, full stack graphic designer, if you want to increase your prices, and launch your own high-ticket offers, and if you want to know what your 2023 marketing strategies should be…then you really need to join Design Domination Coaching Program before this year ends!